RMZ Foundation

Managing Trustee,
Anu Menda

Menda Foundation

Managing Trustee,
Neetu Menda

About The RMZ Foundation

RMZ Foundation is a home for culture

RMZ Foundation was established in 2015 to support and enable innovative solutions that have changed the way communities live and interact. We care for the future by promoting culture, climate proofing, building resilience, and advancing innovative tech.

"RMZ Foundation is focused on fulfilling an enduring mission: To promote the well-being of humanity. Over the last five years, we have established initiatives across disciplines, such as Accentuate Art, Resilient Communities, and Urban Innovation to provide holistic solutions to societal problems.

The primary goal of all our initiatives is to provide incremental development to create a sustainable and equitable society through inclusive growth. We seek to advance those goals with a better use of science and data through collaboration with our stakeholders.

We push ourselves aggressively to measure and deliver results that meaningfully impact people's lives."

Anu Menda

Managing Trustee, RMZ Foundation

RMZ Foundation works at the intersection of three focus areas:


01Accentuate Art

Our art initiative is an incubator for cultural expression as well as a place for convening and community building that reshapes the cultural landscape across our assets.

We collaborate with indigenous and established artists to celebrate visual cultures as well as stories of origins and the daily lives of people. We explore creative practices and immersive visual experiences that transcend traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy, and social practices.


Academia and cultural
institutions established


Art installations


Annual workshops


02Resilient Communities

This core initiative highlights our commitment to sustainable development with a deep focus on the living environment. We practice creating a positive impact on the communities in which we operate through Social Housing and Sustainability initiatives.

We are actively working with leaders in this space to promote and support the Carbon Neutrality Targets through Carbon Neutral solutions for the built environment by 2030 in line with the Paris Agreement.

Social Housing


Direct beneficiaries


Grants raised


Homes built



Waste diverted from landfill

1000 Hrs

Community volunteering achieved


Water efficiency targeted
for 2021


03Urban Innovations

Our work is guided by a singular belief: finding, funding, and supporting exceptional social entrepreneurs and the organizations they start is the foundation for creating lasting impact for our world and its most vulnerable populations. Since 2019, we have supported and invested in a number of start-ups that further this ethos.


Start-ups funded


Global launches

About The Menda Foundation

Menda Foundation
An Unwavering Commitment

Social initiatives have become a necessity in today’s global landscape. The time has arrived for people to break out of their comfort zones, for the government machinery to swing into action and for corporate organizations to look beyond expansions and profits. Menda Foundation, established in 1990, represents this much-needed change through its groundbreaking social initiatives.

The Menda Foundation is deeply committed to bringing about positive change through education. Their vision involves harnessing the power of education to create a brighter future. Their mission includes providing scholarships to marginalized children, equipping students with solar solutions, promoting renewable energy sources, enhancing rural children's learning experiences through "e-Shala" projects, and empowering undereducated adults in rural areas through an Adult Literacy Program.

The foundation recognizes that obstacles like the lack of electricity, poor infrastructure, economic constraints, and imbalanced student-teacher ratios hinder education in rural areas. Nevertheless, their initiatives, such as "Light for Education," "e-Shala," and scholarships, aim to make a significant difference by illuminating the path to knowledge and fostering hope for future generations. Through their scholarship program, they provide equal learning opportunities, empower youth, and create a positive impact with around 700 scholarships awarded annually and nearly 100 students successfully graduating and integrating into mainstream society.

Neetu Menda

Managing Trustee, Menda Foundation

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