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Enrolled for LEED Platinum

RMZ Corp

WELL Certification Targeted

The Vault, a 6.7M sqft. office development, enjoys a large frontage with high visibility from the main Airport road. It is situated in Gachibowli adjoining the Financial District and is an integral part of the Peripheral Business District of Hyderabad.
The Vault is designed innovatively with a climate responsive fa├žade and lifestyle planning for wellness and fitness. Of all the properties in Hyderabad, this is one of the most well-planned ones that provide with offices on rent with the best experiences and an all-round environment.
The 6-towered structure, lush with greenery all around, and with a design plan that is already targeted towards the best ESG certifications, RMZ Vault is definitely one of the most luxurious commercial properties in Hyderabad.

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No. of Community Members


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Key Features

RMZ Corp

2.5 Acres Central Forest

RMZ Corp

Biophilic Pavilion

RMZ Corp

Climate Responsive Facade Design

RMZ Corp

Serrated Dacade Responding to Solar Orientations

RMZ Corp

Diverse and Curated Member Experiences

RMZ Corp

Environmentally Designed Outdoor Spaces

RMZ Corp

Office Spaces with Green Terraces & Wrap-around Balconies

Situated in Gachibowli

Adjoining the Financial District

Along the main Airport road

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