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RMZ Spire: Sets a new standard for the modern office space

The pandemic has accelerated the need for a more collaborative and sustainable work environment to inspire and instill confidence in the workforce as they transition back to workspaces. Innovation in technology and building infrastructure, coupled with works of art that promote inclusivity, fun, and unique social experiences are essential to ensuring transition back to work.

Keeping community health and well-being at its core, RMZ Corp Spire, which is pre-certified USGBC Platinum and targeting a WELL certification, offers a highly-functional, tech-enabled environment along with a flexible, experiential workplace. Spread over 5 acres and 1.72 million square feet, Spire breaks the stereotype with its contemporary commercial infrastructure, by offering a social lobby that is vibrant, dynamic, and offers a wide range of experiences for the palate. With its double-glazed façade, Spire makes a powerful architectural statement and is one of the best workspace designs for the modern futuristic office. Its human-centric experiences range from modern design to sustainability, to the very best of member amenities such as social lobbies, art collections and installations, to connected communities along with the conveniences of technology at its core.

RMZ Corp
Spire also offers a wellness center with a clinic, pharmacy store with an inclusive experience for its members. Not only does it keep wellness a priority, but it also offers a vibrant aromatic space-cafes, rooftop Lounge, Viennoiserie, Bistro keeping the avid foodie in mind.

The well-curated “Winter Garden” which seamlessly connects Spire to Nexity, another innovatively designed office space by RMZ in Hyderabad, complements the offerings of both developments.

At Spire, the dynamic spaces with unique offerings bring convenience to the forefront and push experience beyond one’s expectations.

RMZ Corp

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