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Nexity: Enter your safe haven

Post the pandemic, the resuming of work at offices involved making a number of changes to office spaces in terms of design, air filtration, contactless offices, voice activated technology and most importantly health and hygiene.

Nexity ensured that all COVID protocols post the pandemic were observed. A healthy and safe environment will not just ensure employee comfort but will also improve their efficiency and productivity. The pandemic may generate a new quantifiable economic gain for companies living in healthy buildings.

The pandemic has pushed us all to reconsider our lives, numerous realities, including the buildings we spend our days living in. The criteria for social distancing and attempts to minimize the spread of viruses in indoor environments entails that "healthy buildings" be a primary initiative for the real estate industry.

Nexity is a WELL-certified building, which makes the space healthy and safe for the community. WELL, is a performance-based system for assessing, certifying, and tracking the built environment's characteristics that affect human health and well-being.

WELL is managed and supervised by IWBI (The International WELL Building Institute), a public benefit organization whose aim is to help communities prosper in the built environment. WELL, is based on medical and scientific studies and evaluates how to design practices and behavioral patterns that can be optimized in the places where we live and work. Using seven factors: air, water, light, nourishment, health, comfort, and mind, it tests how buildings relate to and can help support their inhabitants.

Nexity in Hyderabad leads by example and proves to be a demonstration of health and safety, where each aspect of health is given the same weightage.

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