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5 Reasons Why It's Important to Embrace Sustainable Architecture In 2021 & Beyond

When it comes to architectural designs, sustainable approaches have become a necessity. With each emerging building trying to be labelled as ‘sustainable’, the debate on why it’s important continues. However, before understanding this significance, it’s essential to know what exactly does sustainable architecture mean.

What exactly is sustainable architecture? Architectural constructions are known to consume large amounts of materials and energy, and also produce tons of waste. A solution to this is Sustainable Architecture! It's a design model that is compatible with its natural surroundings.

To clearly define the term; eco-friendly buildings are aimed to minimise negative environmental impact, energy consumption, and use of human resources. These buildings are designed to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources of the future.

Today, sustainability is not just an appealing addition to buildings, but a need of the hour! Why?

“Buildings and construction account for more than 35% of global final energy use and nearly 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions.” - UN Environment, Global Status Report 2017

To reduce our energy consumption and harmful emissions, it’s essential to embrace the idea of sustainable architecture. Scroll down to the top 5 reasons stating its importance for the future.

Reasons to embrace sustainable architecture

Long-lasting Built
Building sustainable architecture comes with sustainable materials like bamboo furnishings, cork flooring, solar panels, natural carpeting, etc. These materials are not only cost-efficient but also make the construction stable and long-lasting.

They also come with a low maintenance cost and are extremely durable, to keep the architecture looking fresh and new for years.

More Savings
Construction based use of sustainable materials also means less waste produced from the manufacturing perspective.

Apart from the basic construction, other materials that are used for eco-friendly buildings, like green insulators, eco-friendly heating systems, on-demand water heaters, and programmable thermostats help conserve energy in the most efficient way.

It not only saves energy but also a lot of money in the long run! These include savings on utility bills and construction costs.

Reduces environmental impact
Eco-friendly buildings with LEED certification consume 25% less energy and 11% less water than those that are not built with sustainable products. Sustainable materials, in fact, emit very few toxins in the surroundings.

Materials like wood, bamboo and timber are known to improve the air quality by stabilising the CO2 percentage indoors. These materials keep the construction healthy by reducing mold growth and eventual degradation.

With reduced environmental impacts, sustainable architecture also lessens carbon footprint at an individual level.

Improves societal impact
How can sustainable architecture help the locals? Most sustainable materials and products can be easily spotted locally. This re-energises the local community to produce more and, in turn, supports their livelihood.

Buying from local vendors also eliminates the cost and energy consumption that goes into transporting goods to far off destinations.

Boosts emotional attachments
Identifying and implementing green and sustainable initiatives fosters a culture of understanding and maturity. It generates a sense of pride and influences positivity around the place.

It can also ignite innovation and lead to ideas that can build a better future!

A few tips on how to start with sustainability

  • First, check how you can incorporate natural resources and conditions around the construction site in your design
  • Try to protect the natural habitats or remediate the contaminated landscapes
  • Your construction practices should have very little harm on the land, water bodies, and the air around
  • The design must achieve long-term energy and resource efficiency
  • The finished site should have renewable energy systems, water management and more

Sustainable architecture is the future of well-designed spaces! Adopting sustainability boosts environmental, economic, and social arenas, all together.

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