The RMZ Analyst Program is a stepping stone to a long-term career at RMZ.

About the
RMZ Analyst Program

RMZ’s Analyst Program is the beginning of what we hope will be a long and rewarding career with us. The program is designed for the firm’s future leaders. We look for the smartest and most dynamic candidates from leading institutions in India and abroad. The Analyst Program has a steep learning curve that will challenge your intellectual and business skills, provide an opportunity to work with a diverse set of people and give you unparalleled experience in real estate investing and management. As an analyst, you will have the opportunity to work directly with clients alongside the management team, and work on innovative projects that have a significant and strategic impact on RMZ’s future.

Why apply for the
RMZ Analyst Program?

RMZ is one of Asia’s largest privately-owned real estate owners, investors and developers. Our vision is to grow our asset portfolio to 350 million sq.ft by 2032. RMZ believes in disrupting the way the world views work and transforming the way we work by stretching imagination, adapting to the digital way of life, building integrated and engaged communities, and defining new benchmarks.

We reach for the stars, and so we look for stars. Our work is fast-paced, dynamic, and multifaceted, so we build teams that reflect this. If you’re looking for a professional and collaborative environment where you’re challenged by the work and your colleagues and mentored into leadership, this program is for you.

Learning and development are at the core of what we do. The Analyst Program is designed to give you access to RMZ’s in-house expertise on all aspects of real estate management through a collaborative learning process, and help you pave your way to leadership. Throughout the program you will not only hone your real estate knowledge (development, investment, opportunity evaluation, capital raising), but also a variety of business skills – modelling, analytics, marketing, sales and management (of both people and clients). Technology is a critical component of this: we use it to grow and apply your knowledge and skills.

What we are
looking for

Each of our colleagues brings their unique skills and insights to the table, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Here are some of the personal qualities and skills that we look for that are successful at our firm, and are tested in the interview process.

  • Intellectual curiosity: ask the questions, look for the answers. Our work requires this.
  • Structured problem solving abilities: bonus points if you’re creative!
  • Teamwork: the ability to work and communicate with a wide variety of people skills. Give and receive feedback thoughtfully and respectfully
  • Flexibility: business realities change every day, sometimes by the hour, so you should be comfortable with uncertainty and switching between tasks.
  • Failing forward, learning fast: failure is a necessary component of learning. We look for people who learn and grow from their mistakes.

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Meet our People

“After spending 13+ years as property consultant, I thought about moving to the developer side. I could not think of a better brand than RMZ. As a consultant I had witnessed the vision and capabilities of RMZ from afar and that motivated me to join RMZ and be part of something bigger.”
Shovna Panigrahi
Vice President, Asset Management
“RMZ is an organization driven by its relentless focus on quality, sustainability and a vision to achieve extraordinary results that redefine the industry. Our culture is uniquely collaborative and we embrace diverse perspectives to create an exceptional workplace. I am surrounded by highly talented colleagues and every day they bring me a fresh perspective to learn, grow and succeed.”
Nanditha Balaram
Vice President, Legal
“I chose RMZ because innovation matters to me. I was inspired by their vision and drive; it was exciting for me to be a part of the firm that offers me a diverse experience. I feel RMZ puts trust in the people that work here. They invest time and resources in upskilling our members and empower them with growth.”
Akash Philip
Associate Vice President, Marketing
“RMZ manages resources well… land-banking, an almost given condition for real-estate developers, was not prevalent at RMZ. RMZ chose to no keep funds idle and nimbly managed capital to maximise churn.”
Satyajit Bhagawat
Associate Vice President, Investment Management
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